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The Girl on a Motorcycle (1968)
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Marianne Faithfull riding her Harley Davidson Duo-Glide in 'Girl on a Motorcycle'
Written by - André Pieyre de Mandiarques (La motocyclette, novel)
and Ronald Duncan / Jack Cardiff / Gilian Freeman (screenplay)
Directed by - Jack Cardiff
With - Marianne Faithfull and Alain Delon
Cover music by Chris Spedding / Swellguzzo

(click til you're happy) awesome wallpaperz
The motorcycle is used as a symbolic tool for freedom and a great object of passion for superior and alternative minds. Besides, Alain Delon is just too hot! No I'm not falling in love with men, I am talking about temperature. He is way too hot, so hot that he rides his Norton on mountain snowy roads, only wearing a jacket and after a nice day out, he stops in the woods nearby a bunch of logs, removes his clothes and makes love to Marianne Faithfull there, outdoor, under the falling snow … Well, needless to say that she's hot too.

Verdoux Girl on a Motorcycle (1968)
Anke-Eve, a highly visible and charismatic person, drew the attention of writer André Pieyre de Mandiargues, who befriended and corresponded with her.  The central character of his book 'The Motorcycle' (1963) was clearly based on a fantasy of Ms Goldmann, as 'Rebecca' rides her Harley-Davidson across Switzerland, naked under her black leather one-piece riding suit, to meet her paramour in Heidelberg.

De Mandiargues' book was made into the 1968 film 'Girl on a Motorcycle', starring a very young Marianne Faithfull as a speed-mad vixen, riding 'naked under leather' (the European title), fantasizing about her lover while masturbating on the vibratory saddle nose of her Harley, dying at the climax.  (Intriguingly, Marianne Faithfull is the Baroness Sacher-Masoch, and her great uncle Leopold von Sacher-Masoch will be remembered eternally for writing 'Venus in Furs', the source of the term Masochist) A serious woman like Anke-Eve Goldmann, attempting to gain respect as a rider, journalist, and feminist, was not impressed with the fetishization of her riding attire.

‘Skin.. it’s like skin. I’m like an animal..’ - Girl on a Motorcycle

“It was a combination suit of black leather, all very shiny and lined with white fur, which closed right up to the neck and fastened there and at the wrists and ankles with straps and buckles. Rebecca had opened it wide (whick made it look like the hide of some huge beast newly flayed), then, legs first, she had climbed into it naked, save for the little codpiece of transparent nylon over the triangle of her short hairs, and pulling upwards on the little tongue of the zip-fastener she had closed this dark sheath over her naturally brown body. ‘Nothing is as soft as that.’ she had said to herself (somewhat naively for it was only rabbit fur and she hadn’t had the chance of feeling either sable or mink) while the blood rose to her head because of the heat and the soft tickling  she felt over the enire stretch of her skin. ‘My body is like a violin in a quilted box.” - Girl on a Motorcycle

Girl on a Motorcycle Cat Suits

April's Child

April's Child by Sounds of the Larch written during a rather sketchy weekend in Bruisyard Hall in Suffolk

How to ride a Motorcycle

Alain Delon - Marianne Faithfull - Talkin Ashtray

‘..not all the dead are buried. Why don’t they rebel? At least the young ones, rebellion’s the only thing that keeps you alive! ‘ - Girl on a Motorcycle

Anke-Eve Goldmann in real life:

The Girl on a Motorcycle (1968)


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